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Forest bounties Rig Veda 10.146

RV10.146 Bounties of Forests
ऋषि: ऐरम्मदो देवमुनि:-गृहस्थ से वानप्रस्थ और मितभाषी जीवन में आनंद लेने वाला।
Seer of this Vedic Hymn is  a person seeking relaxation away from noise of city life and is attracted to living in quiet natural surroundings of forests.  
 देवता:-अरण्यानी जो अ‍ऋण रखता है देता है बिना लौटाने की इच्छा से. ।
 Sanskrit name of FOREST means one who does not give loan to be returned with or without interest but provides its bounties as GIFTS.  
1.अरण्यान्यरण्यान्यसौ या प्रेव नश्यसि
कथा ग्रामं पृच्छसि त्वा भीरिव विन्दती3 ।। 10.146.1
Forests as may  appear to be deserted  perishing , but they  do not deter your entry and do not ask any questions about your antecedents.
2. वृषारवाय वदते यदुपावति चिच्चिक:
आघाटिभिरिव धावयन्नरण्यानिर्महीयते ।। 10.146.2
Ambient (fauna ) make sounds in the forests such as singing crickets, birds etc. These sounds of the forest are very soothing and convey a calming peaceful message.

    3.उत गाव इवादन्त्युत वेश्मेव दृश्यते
    उतो अरण्यानि: सायं शकटीरिव सर्जति ।। 10.146.3
Cow and other animals find sustenance in the wild like in their homes, and when in the evening carts laden with forest produce emerge they return to their home, as if the gods in forests are sending them back to their homes with carts laden with bounties of the forests.( This is reference to the tradition forest management in India. A tract of forest afew kilometres deep on the periphery of the habitat was declared अभयराण्य- A forest land where there was no fear of carnivore. All men, with their cattle had free access to this forest for collcting there daily requirements and pasture feeding of the cows)

4. गामङ्गैष ह्वयति दार्वङ्गैषो अपावधीत्
वसन्नरण्यान्यां सायमक्रुक्षदिति मन्यते ।। 10.146.4
The gods of forest as if give directions to the cows from not going astray, and allow men to cut down on some trees. (This has been a traditional Indian practise with our forests. It is now accepted  that lower  branches of trees should be regularly lopped off. This provides leaf fodder for cows, and fire wood for rural women. But there is
 a great advantage hidden in the practice of pruning forest trees. This allows sun light to reach the ground level to facilitate undergrowth in forests. This undergrowth not only stabilizes the forest soil. This prevents soil erosion that results in Landslides and Floods. Green Undergrowth ground cover also gives rise to Pseudomonas Syringe bacteria that ensure regular rains in forests.) Those who chose to make their dwellings in forest become accustomed to hear fearful noises in the darkness of the nights.
5. वा अरण्यानिर्हन्त्यन्यश्चेन्नाभिगच्छति
स्वादो: फलस्य जग्ध्वाय यथाकामं नि पद्यते ।। 10.146.5
Forests cause no harm to anyone who goes there to partake of the sweet fruits and bounties of nature, and not to exploit the forest wealth for his greed.
6.आञ्जनगन्धिं सुरभिं बहु अन्नामकृषीवलाम्
 प्राहं मृगाणां मातरमरण्यानिमशंसिषम् ।। 10.146.6
Give recognition to role of Forests, in which  like a mother unselfishly uncultivated without human efforts provide sweet smelling scents  like those of musk deer and  sustenance to nurture cows to feed freely to enable excellent nutritive agriculture.

Food Safety Productivity Vedic Approach

      Modern strategies?
       INDIAN is a continent size country. Our Cultural Wisdom is based on thousands of years of proven safe, sustainable   community experience. Whereas Western ideas  with backing of modern scientific researches is highly Localized studies  and  not based on even a few hundred years  field practices.  Often modern conjectures are also motivated by Greed and commercial considerations and are failing in final Genetic and Evolutionary sustainability.  
        अन्धतमा प्रविश्यन्ति ये अविद्यां उपासते |  ततो भूय इव ते तमो य उ विध्यायां रता  ||
Vedic Saying ; Ishopanishad-9, Yaju-40.9
         Those without knowledge are blind They fall in  to hell. But   those   blinded   with their knowledge   fall  in  to  deeper  hell .
        (WHO) Study Carcinogenic Food  Cancer will be the biggest killer
       1. Any charred food - from burnt popcorn - to burnt toast, is highly carcinogenic.
2. Meat in general (in terms of the fats associated) is carcinogenic, especially overcooked meat.
3. Sugar is carcinogenic - whether white or brown. Instead of sugar, substitute honey
4. Stomach cancer is associated with high salt intake, with spicy foods and smoked food
5. Sodas are carcinogenic for a variety of reasons beyond their high sugar content and harmful additives. Sodas have also been proved to leach the minerals - principally calcium - that are temporarily gained through other healthier foods
6. Trans fats found in fries and snack chips are carcinogenic
7. Artificial sweeteners, particularly aspartame, are carcingogenic
8. Excessive alcohol intake is toxic
9. Foods cooked at high temperatures usually contain Acrylamide. According to the FDA: Acrylamide is produced industrially for use in products such as plastics, grouts, water treatment products, and cosmetics. Acrylamide is also found in cigarette smoke. Acrylamide caused cancer in animals in studies where animals were exposed to Acrylamide at very high doses. Acrylamide causes nerve damage in people exposed to very high levels at work.10. Farm-raised fish and fish products contain high amounts of PCB's. If one considers the list above, it is not hard to reach the following conclusion. Since most fast food comprises combinations of sugars, salts, preservatives and trans fats, it is reasonable to assume that the increased cancer rate is due to the spread of fast food franchises to countries such as India and China.

While both foods and cigarettes have an impact on heart disease, it is logical to assume the leaching impact of fast foods (especially the sugar containing drinks) would have such a negative impact to strip the body of its ordinary resources and its natural immunity.

1. Aim for Optimum / not continuously growing productivity
2. Productivity should be Need based not Greed based
3. Productivity should be by Optimum utilization of Resources and Not exploitation  of resources
4. System planning for Continuously Enhancing Productivity is an unstable – mathematically divergent series is not sustainable
       Excess production;
1. Leads to waste of commodity and resources
2. Compromised quality and Safety
3. Enhanced Unproductive inflationary costs
Indian/ Vedic Productivity Traditions
1. Environmentally sustainable
2. Sustainable levels of Productivity
3. Inbuilt Food Safety Cow based Organic Food
4. Zero Food Miles-
          5. Give Place of honor to Farmer
Quality Safety Aspect of Indian Foods
1. Organically Produced is Best safest Quality
2. Non carcinogenic Hormone Destructing 
3. Fresh is Best
4. Environmental Sustainability
Forest Management
1. Well Defined forest policies अभयारण्य for pastures, protected safe forests for आश्रम , गुरुकुल, Reserve forests for wild life conservation.
Agriculture Policies
2. Tree Plantation (Global Warming-Ozone layer repair)
3. Water harvesting and Conservation practices
4. Organic Agriculture- Cow based Agriculture crop rotation   maintains soil moisture and productivity
5. Vegetarianism ( Water Foot Print)
6. Sustainable Productivity
7. Organic Cow based Agriculture
8. Inbuilt Soil maintained organically by cows grazing  
9. Not trying to force nature by Genetic modifications.GM products are unnecessary
10. Not forcing cows to produce higher and higher milk . Western Dairy industry finds cows infertile, uneconomic after 3.4 lactations.
Excerpts from Vedas
       Rig Ved 2.14 Vedic Directives  Staff Functions  priorities
1. Excellent education system to provide the society with self motivated ,creative talent for its all round welfare and progress.
1.अध्वर्यवो भरतेन्द्राय सोममात्रेभि: सिंन्चता मद्यमंध: ! कामी हि वीर: सदमस्य पीतिं जुहोत वृष्णे तदिदेष वष्टि. !!, ऋग्वेद 2/14/1
       King should provide good appropriate  knowledge and technology in good measure  for self  motivation of individuals to ensure   achievement of abundance and prosperity, by good  nutrition, health and peace for the land and  those living off it
2 Rain Water Harvesting Optimum Water use  
2. अध्वर्यवो यो अपो वव्रिवांसं वृत्रं जघानाशन्येव वृक्षम् ! तस्मा एतं भरत तद्वशायँ एष इन्द्रो अर्हति पीतिमस्य  !! ऋग्वेद 2/14/2
        Harness those waters of rains, which are released by the actions of lightening, that strikes the trees and sets them on fire. Thus work for the creation of bounties of fertilized soil by rich biomass feeds and prosperity of vegetation, as the gifts provided by Indra.
3. Protect OZONE layer
3. अध्वर्यवो यो दृभीकं जघान यो गा उदाजदप हि बलं व: !  तस्मा एतमन्तरिक्षे ना वात्मिन्द्रं सोमैरोर्णुत जूर्न वस्त्रै:  !! ऋग्वेद 2/14/3
       Exercise control over natural calamities like the violent storms, which with immense forces, play havocs like demons tossing all cattle and life in to air and smashing on to the ground, which cause great upheavals by disrupting life and property.  These are brought about by the holes in the protective garment, which covers the earth in the space. These holes are like holes in a worn out old garment. Heal and repair the holes in the covering, by actions of rain making clouds and atmosphere helped by green vegetation and herbs by grace of Indra.
4.Promote Green Cover
4. अध्वर्यवो य उरणं जघान नव चख्वांसं नवतिं च बाहून्  !  यो अर्बुदमव नीचा बबाधे तमिन्द्रं  सोमस्य भृथे हिनोत  !!  ऋग्वेद 2/14/4
 This protective garment is like the fleece of a sheep. There are trillions of hands on the ground, which supports the actions to prevent damage to this garment (in the space) and to keep it in good repair like new. These trillions of hands- the green cover on ground- churns the environments with lightening and greenery to disarm the attackers of the fleece like protective cover. Like a good leader of armies, motivate these 'GREEN' actions on the lands to bring prosperity to all.
 5.Food Safety Security Organic Seed, IPM
7. अध्वर्यवो य: शतमा सहस्रं भूम्या उपस्थेअवपज्जघन्वान्  ! कुत्सस्यारतिथिग्वस्य वीरान्यवृणग्भरता सोममस्मै  !! ऋग्वेद 2/14/7
        Along with the innumerable crops being cultivated by the farmers for feeding the nation, the guests and dependents, innumerable enemies in the form of weeds, pests, etc also get in to the land. The Farmer should work on sustainable herbal remedies to help the growth of agriculture crops.
Rig Ved 1.187 On Food Strategies
1. Freshly harvested- not artificially treated for extended shelf life
1.पितुं नु स्तोषं महो धर्माणं तवीषीम्‌ यस्य त्रितो व्योजसा वृत्रं विपर्वमर्दयत्‌ || ऋ1.187.1  
2. High Brix Number
2. स्वादो पितो मघो पितो वयं त्वा ववृमहे |अस्माकमविता भव || ऋ 1.187.2
(स्वादो) स्वादु(पितो)पान करने योग्य जलादि पदार्थ (मधो) मधु के समान (High Brix number)( त्वा) ऐसे पेय पदार्थों को  (वयम) हम सब  (ववृमहे) ग्रहण करें(अस्माकम) इस अन्नपान के दान से (अविता) हमारे शरीर, मस्तिष्क की सुरक्षा, वृद्धि  (भव) सम्भव हो.
3. Zero Food Miles
3.उप नः पितवा चर शिवः शिवाभिरूतिभिः मयोभुरद्विषेण्यः सखा सुशेवो अद्वयाः || 1/187/3
(पितो)अन्न व्यापक कराने वाला परमात्मन(मयोभू: )सुख की भावना कराने वाले (अद्विषेण्य) किसी से द्वेष न करने वाले, सब को एक जैसा अन्न उपलब्ध करवाने वालेवाले,हमारे लिए (सुशेव:)सुंदर और सुख युक्त (अद्वया:) जिस मे द्वंद्व भाव न रखने वाला (सखा) वह मित्र आप, हे परमात्मन (शिवाभि:) सुखकारिणी वह अन्न (ऊतिभि:)रक्षा , तृप्ति, वृद्धि, तेज (:) हम लोगो के लिए (शिव:) सुखकारी (उप,, चर) समीप अच्छे प्रकार से प्राप्त कराइये,( Zero Food Miles
        Rig Ved  5.82  Vedic Vision on Food
1. Availability of excellent food
1.तत्सवितुर्वृणीमहे वयं देवस्य भोजनम् । श्रेष्ठं सर्वधातमं तुरं भगस्य धीमहि ।। RV5.82.1
       To ensure complete `prosperity, adopt a policy for universal availability of clean food for all.
       सम्पूर्ण ऐश्वर्य के लिए , अत्युत्तम, सब को प्राप्य, सब स्वच्छ विकारों दोषों से रहित, भोजन की व्यवस्था का हम वरण करते हैं.
2. Ensure full availability of food that people like
2.अस्य हि स्वयशस्तरं सवितु: कच्चन प्रियम् । न मिनन्ति स्वराज्यम् ।। RV5.82.2
       अपने समाज में सब के प्रिय, सब को  भोजन अन्न से तृप्त करने  करने की स्थाइ व्यवस्था स्थापित करते हैं
3. Give honourable position to Farmer
3.स हि रत्नानि दाशुषे सुवाति सविता भग: । तं भागं चित्रमीमहे ।। RV5.82.3
       ( उस कृषक को) जो समाज के लिए यह बहुमूल्य अन्न का दाता है, उस के महत्व को हम पहचानें, वही हमें जीवन यापन के लिए अद्भुत ऐश्वर्य रूपी अन्न धन प्राप्त कराता है.
4. Achieve Food Security
4.अद्या न: देव सवित: प्रजावत् सावी: सौभगम् । परा दु:ष्वप्न्यं सुव ।। RV5.82.4
       सम्पूर्ण प्रजा के लिए सौभाग्य के लिए उत्तम धन धान के साधन  उपलब्ध हों, जिस से बुरे (अभाव ग्रस्त) जीवन  के स्वप्न भी न आएं  
5. Food to be free of adulterations and disease
5.विश्वानि देव सवितर्दुरितानि परा सुव । यद् भद्रं तन्न आ सुव ।। RV5.82.5
       विश्व में जितनी दुर्गुणावस्थाएं हैं वे सब हमारे से दूर हों और जो हमारे लिए शुभ कल्याणकारी है वह उपलब्ध हो.
6. Do not injure environment, soil and society
6.अनागसोऽदितये देवस्य सवितु: सवे । विश्वा वामानि धीमहि ।। RV5.82.6
       हमारा जीवन पर्यावरण अखंण्ड भूमि के लिए निरपराधी हो, हम माता पिता गुरु जनों के लिए सदैव सुखकारी, सम्पूर्ण ऐश्वर्य धारी जीवन को  प्राप्त करें.
7. Transparent and according to laws of nature
7.आ विश्वदेवं सत्पतिं सूक्तैरद्या वृणीमहे । सत्यसवं सवितारम् ।। RV 5.82.7
       हमारा आचरण सज्जनों का पालक, सत्य प्रतिज्ञा का पालन करने वाला और प्रकृति के नियमों के अनुरूप हो.
8. Proactive policies
8.य इमे उभे अहनी पुर एत्यप्रयुच्छन् । स्वाधीर्देव: सविता ।। RV 5.82.8
       हमारा आचरण प्रकृति मे दिन और रात्रि के क्रम की तरह प्रमाद रहित हो.
9. Promote public awareness
9.य इमा विश्वा जातान्याश्रावयति श्लोकेन । प्र च सुवाति सविता ।। RV 5.82.9
       इन समस्त विषयों के ज्ञाता विद्वानों को उचित है वे सब जनता में इस ज्ञान का श्रवण द्वारा प्रसार करें
                 THANK YOU