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Soma-Pavmaani- Divine wisdom

Som Pavmaani Rig Veda Book 9 Hymn 113 Rishi Kashyapo Mareechah is one who comes out with flashes of brilliantly articulated speech,ऋषि: -काश्यपो मारीच:- Soma in this Vedic terminology is here the ocean of knowledge based technologies as motivating force. शर्यणावति सोममिन्द्रः पिबतु वृत्रहा | बलं दधान आत्मनि करिष्यन वीर्यं महदिन्द्रायेन्दो परि स्रव || ऋ9.113.1 Indra-The invincible campaigner, entrepreneur the one who can never be disheartened or defeated by any obstacle - imbibes on the ocean of technologies to derives his intoxicating strength & owes his success to glowing motivation of Soma . Birth of Soma आ पवस्व दिशां पत आर्जीकात सोम मीढ्वः | ऋतवाकेन सत्येन श्रद्धया तपसा सुत इन्द्रायेन्दो परि स्रव || ऋ9.113.2 Soma to glow for welfare of world, is born out of सत्य and श्रद्धा genuine, selfless, truth and devotion/loyalty in pursuit of a cause, and then implemented by clever technologist who knows how to maximize output with economies of input. Nurturing of Soma पर्जन्यवृद्धं महिषं तं सूर्यस्य दुहिताभरत् | तं गन्धर्वाः प्रत्यगृम्णन् तं सोमे रसमादधुरिन्द्रायेन्दोपरि स्रव || ऋ9.113.3 Soma-this motivating knowledge force is derived from a benevolent teacher, like the rain coming down from clouds. The taught- the student absorb the teachings, like rain being soaked by parched earth. The Soma knowledge transferred to the taught is thus as like music is ready to download itself on world stage. In Praise of Soma ऋतं वदन्नृतद्युम्न सत्यं वदन सत्यकर्मन् | श्रद्धां वदन सोम राजन धात्रा सोम परिष्कृत इन्द्रायेन्दो परि स्रव || ऋ9.113.4 Soma, your language is very precise and always follows truth. Which teacher has created you, to flow out in to motivating smart solutions? Soma is enabled by education सत्यमुग्रस्य बृहतः सं स्रवन्ति संस्रवाः | सं यन्ति रसिनो रसाः पुनानो ब्रह्मणा हर इन्द्रायेन्दो परि स्रव || ऋ9.113.5 Leads of Soma spring out like innumerable streams and rivulets and get absorbed in all existence. It is the strength of education-lateral thinking - that picks up these threads and shapes them in to mighty flow for welfare of community. Clues to Soma यत्र ब्रह्मा पवमान छन्दस्यां वाचं वदन् | ग्राव्णा सोमे महीयते सोमेनानन्दं जनयन्निन्द्रायेन्दो परि स्रव || ऋ9.113.6 Where one finds a harmonious melody of orderliness being played in nature, you can tune in to that music to spread its grace and share in the glory. Presence of Som यत्र ज्योतिरजस्रं यस्मिन लोके स्वर्हितम | तस्मिन मां धेहि पवमानाSमृते लोके अक्षित इन्द्रायेन्दो परि स्रव || ऋ9.113.7 Where ever there is comfort and orderliness, Soma is manifesting in it. Look there to find it for its glory to bring welfare. Soma is beyond यत्र राजा वैवस्वतो यत्रावरोधनं दिवः | यत्रामूर्यह्वतीरापस्तत्र माममृतं कृधीन्द्रायेन्दो परि स्रव ||ऋ9.113.8 In this universe beyond the boundaries of this sun, where its rivers merge in to a great ocean, take me to that and make me immortal, to spread the glow of Soma. In the Infinite यत्र कामा निकामाश्च यत्र ब्रध्नस्य विष्टपम् | स्वधा च यत्र तृप्तिश्च तत्र माममृतं कृधीन्द्रायेन्दो परिस्रव ||ऋ9.113.10 In that infinite, where everything merges in to One, where no desires and no needs exist, make me a participant of that and immortal, for His Glory to spread. Soma Collegiums यत्रानन्दाश्च मोदाश्च मुदः प्रमुद आसते | कामस्य यत्राप्ताः कामास्तत्र माममृतं कृधीन्द्रायेन्दो परि स्रव ||ऋ9.113.11 Make me member of the Collegiums for sharing in their glow.

National Planning in Vedas

Rig Veda Book 9 Hymn 114 Som- Wisdom to Motivate actions in life य इन्दोः पवमानस्या Sनु धामान्यक्रमीत | तमाहुः सुप्रजा इति यस्ते सोमाविधन्मन इन्द्रायेन्दो परि स्रव || ऋ9.114.1 Householders/Societies who are motivated by positive knowledge based bright wisdom (पावमान सोम) in their conduct in life, are blessed with excellent progeny. Kings thus motivated are blessed with faithful public, to perform actions motivated by the Divine Wisdom of Soma to glow in its brightness. परिजन जो अपने व्यवहार में इस दैवीय ज्ञान सोम से प्रेरित होते हैं,वह उत्तम संतान द्वारा एक सभ्य समाज और गौरव शाली राष्ट्र का निर्माण करते हैं. 2. Establish excellent communication channels for spread of Soma- the Wisdom, and follow it in life. ऋषे मन्त्रकृतं स्तोमैः कश्यपोद्वर्धयन्‌ गिरः | सोमंनमस्य राजानं यो जज्ञे वीरुधां पतिरिन्द्रायेन्दो परिस्रव ||ऋ9.114.2 Wisdom of Som is established by articulate speech communication ability of articulate speech of learned persons. King protects the for its wealth to heal the community and nations to glow in the brilliance of wisdom of Som , and grows like good forests rich in bounties. King also gives protection to forests for welfare of the nation. (In ancient Greece, public speaking was a very important skill taught in educational institutions) राजा को उचित है कि इस सोम रूपि दैवीय ज्ञान के प्रसार , प्रचार के लिए उत्तम विद्वान वक्ताओं के प्रशिक्षण और प्रसार के माध्यम स्थापित करे. और सर्व प्रथम देश की प्राकृतिक वन सम्पदा का संरक्षण करे. 3. Som- Wisdom Input output decision making Matrix सप्त दिशो नानासूर्याः सप्त होतार ऋत्विजः | देवा आदित्या ये सप्त तेभिः सोमाभि रक्ष न इन्द्रयेन्दो परि स्रव || ऋ 9.114.3 Veda is describing that human observations/ knowledge based decisions should be taken. Men involved in planning and their actions are like 7 men performing Yajnas , motivated in 7 directions by senses (Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Taste, Feeling by skin स्पर्श, Mind and intellect) . Every individual’s perception of the situations is illuminated - brought to light by looking at the same thing through 7 different colors of visible light. This reality has to be taken in to consideration in taking important decisions. (This is the Vedic wisdom describing how decisions are to be implemented in interest of national welfare in a planning commission. Modern Planners use a tool of Input /Output Matrix. Ved in this mantra is indicating a decision matrix of 7th order. A matrix of 7th order is considered the most complex. In practice hardly any planning decisions are taken on the basis of an analysis of an input /output matrix of the 7th order. But Economists base most of their decisions on study of Input/output Matrix. Decisions take under expediency without proper analysis by a complete matrix analyses lead to disastrous results. The examples of innovations made in the name of modern science and technology leading to disastrous consequences in all walks of life are pointing to this expedient approach.) सात दिशाएं ज्ञान की सप्तऋषि:इन को प्रकाश में लाने वाले नाना सूर्य (सूर्य की 7 रश्मियां , हर वस्तु स्थिति को समझने देखने के 7 तरीके) –7 विद्वान, सात ऋत्विज (पांच ज्ञानेन्द्रियां, मन और बुद्धि) बन कर यह जीवन यज्ञ कर रहे हैं. देवा आदित्या; को समझने के लिए यजुर्वेद 4.21 के अनुसार ”वस्वस्यादितिरस्यादित्यासि रुद्रासि चन्द्रासि | बृहस्पतिष्ट्वा सुम्ने रम्णातु रुद्रो वसुभिराचके ||” वस्वी असि- उत्तम निवास देने वाली है जो जीवन के लिए उत्तम साधनों का प्रतिपादन करके जीवन को उत्तम बनाती है, अदिति असि- हमारा खण्डन न होने देने वाले है, आदित्या असि- गुणों का आदान करने वाली है.(आदानात्‌ आदित्या:) जिस के अध्ययन से हमारे गुणग्रहण की वृत्ति प्रबल होती है. इस ताने बाने को, संगलन पात्र को आधुनिक योजना विज्ञान Decision making Matrix का नाम देता है. इन सातों के आधार पर अध्यन करने से हानि /दु:ख कारक निर्णय न ले कर गुण ग्रहण करने की वृत्ति प्रबल होती है. सब निर्णय इस वैदिक मंत्रणा के आधार पर ही सोम-ज्ञान के आधार पर कार्यांवित योजनाएं समाज के लिए कल्याण कारी सिद्ध होती हैं. Wisdom to ensure National safety & Security यत ते राजञ्छ्र्तं हविस्तेन सोमाभि रक्ष नः | अरातीवा मा नस्तारीन्मो च नः किं चनाममदिन्द्रायेन्दो परिस्रव || ऋ9.114.4 Thus enabled by Som-wisdom of such planning create all the institutions and assets for a welfare state. Such a state is protected against enemies and usurpers by a knowledge based society. इस प्रकार सोम-उत्तम ज्ञानाधारित हवि द्वारा राष्ट्र यज्ञ करने पर राष्ट्र की सब शत्रुओं से सुरक्षा प्राप्त होती है.

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Dream Theories in Vedas

AV 16.5 Dream Theories ऋषि: यम:, देवता-दु:ष्वप्न्नाशनम्‌ 1. विद्म ते स्वप्न जनित्रं ग्राह्या: पुत्रोSसि यमस्य करण:|AV16.5.1 It is the observance of yam niyam of Yog that gives birth to good dreams. ( Bad dreams result in nightmares, fear, crying, anger, bed wetting ) यम (अहिंसासत्यास्तेय ब्रह्मचर्यापरिग्रहा यमा) नियम ( शौचसन्तोषतप: स्वाध्ययेश्वरप्राणिधानानि नियमा) का पालन ही सुस्वप्न को जन्म देते हैं. दु:ष्वप्न का परिणाम दुष्वप्न्य( भय, क्रोध, कलह,रोना-चिल्लाना, वीर्यस्खलन आदि दुष्परिणाम) होते हैं. 2. अन्तकोसि मृत्युरसि | AV16.5.2 Pleasant dreams only spell doom of bad dreams. सुस्वप्न ही दु:ष्वप्न का नाश करते हैं. 3. तं त्वा स्वप्न तथा संविदम स न: स्वप्न दुष्वप्न्यात्‌ पाहि |AV16.5.3 Now that we know that only good dreams prevent bad dreams, we should be able to protect ourselves from bad dreams and the results of bad dreams. सुस्वप्न द्वारा हम दुष्वनों और दुष्वप्नों के परिणाम से अपनी रक्षा करें. 4. विद्म ते स्वप्न जनित्रं निर्‌ऋत्या: पुत्रोSसि यमस्य करण: | अन्तकोसि मृत्युरसि तं त्वास्वत्नतथा संविदमस न: स्वप्न दुष्वप्न्यात्‌ पाहि ||AV 16.5.4 सुस्वप्न निर्‌ऋति का परिणाम होते हैं.(निर्‌ऋति गति का निराकरण)ऐन्द्रिक चञ्चलता, मानसिक चञ्चलता का अभाव होती है. सुस्वप्न पवित्र करते हैं. (सात्विक संस्कार पवित्रता और राजसिक, तामसिक संस्कार अपवित्रता का परिणाम होते हैं) 5. विद्म ते स्वप्न जनित्रमभूत्या: पुत्रोसि यमस्य करण: | अन्तकोसि मृत्युरसि | तं त्वा स्वप्न तथा संविदम स न: स्वप्न दुष्वप्न्यात्‌ पाहि || AV 16.5.5 यम नियम पालन के साथ अभूति- भौतिक पदार्थों के संग्रह की भावना रहित- अपरिग्रह पालन से सुस्वप्न उत्पन्न होते हैं. 6. विद्म ते स्वप्न जनित्रं निर्भूत्या: पुत्रोSसि यमस्यकरण; | अन्तकोसि मृत्युरसि | तं त्वा स्वप्न तथा संविदम स न: स्वप्न दुष्वप्न्यात्‌ पाहि || AV 16.5.6 निर्भूति-संगृहीत सम्पत्ति के परित्याग से, वित्तैषणा के त्याग से सुस्वप्न उत्पन्न होते हैं. 7. विद्म ते स्वप्न जनित्रं पराभूत्या पुत्रोSसि यमस्यकरण: | अन्तकोसि मृत्युरसि | तं त्वा स्वप्न तथा संविदम स न: स्वप्न दुष्वप्न्यात्‌ पाहि || AV 16.5.7 पराभूति= पराभव, विषयों का पराभव, इन्द्रियों और मन पर विषयों का प्रभाव न होने देने से ही सुस्वप्न उत्पन्न होते हैं. 8. विद्म ते स्वप्न जनित्रं देवजामीनां पुत्रोSसि यमस्यकरण| AV 16.5.8 देवजामीनाम्‌= देवत्व की भावनाओं का स्वामीत्व , यम नियम के साथ साथ सुस्वप्न उत्पन्न करता हैं. अन्तकोसि मृत्युरसि |AV 16.5.9 Pleasant dreams only spell doom of bad dreams. सुस्वप्न ही दु:ष्वप्न का नाश करते हैं. तं त्वा स्वप्न तथा सं विद्म स न: स्वप्न दुष्वप्न्यात्‌ पाहि |AV 16.5.10 Now that we know that only good dreams prevent bad dreams, we should be able to protect ourselves from bad dreams and the results of bad dreams. सुस्वप्न द्वारा हम दुष्वप्नों और दुष्वप्नों के परिणाम से अपनी रक्षा करें.

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Understanding Vedas - for new comers

On Understanding Vedas 1. Vedas are called shrutis श्रुति:.Shruti means as heard by the ears. Spoken language differs from prose language. 2. To give an example in Hindi we write तुम क्या कर रहे हो. Colloquially it may sound तुम्क्या कर्रे हो. Some thing similar is found in Vedic language. Vedas although in Sanskrit language but being shruti, represent spoken and as heard language written in Hindi script. Thus to interpret Vedic language, a Sanskrit scholar will resort to what is called संधि विच्छेद and then break the Vedic language to पद पाठ. In fact purity of Vedic pronunciation is maintained only by knowing पद पाठ. That means he will first understand how words can get abbreviated in speech and the convert Ved mantra to actual Sanskrit words that constituted the Vedic language initially. 3. Additionally all Rig Ved mantras are set to meters – in poetical forms. This makes interpretation a little more imaginative effort than if it had been just in prose format.( to be sung in musical tones) 4. All words in Sanskrit have meanings. Even an ordinary word like गो-has nearly dozens of meanings. The accepted meaning is one that fits in reference to the context with the accompanying text. 5. To be able to interpret the deepest meanings one has to be a true Yogi. But for mundane matters, Vedic mantras lend easy understanding if one develops an insight and lateral thinking on the subject with multidiscipline approach. 6. Answers to any doubts or more difficult concepts are to be found in Vedas themselves. But this requires higher degree of scholarship and dedicated effort. 7. Basically interpretations of Vedas like Rig Ved have been made among the more familiar ones by such as, Sanskrit scholars, Sayan used by Max Mueller for English, Prof Wilson , Damodar Satavlekar in Hindi, Jaidev Sharma in Hindi, Harisharan Siddhaantalankar in Hindi,Swami Dayanand completed Yajurved and RigVed from 1.1 to 7.21. But none of these interpretations are found to throw any light on mundane topics that we may be interested in. 8. All these books along with excellent dictionaries like Monier Williams,Vedic Kosh by ChandraShekhar Upadhyay , ancient treatises like Nirukt of Yask, and various Braman commentaries on each Veda, help in interpreting Vedas. 9. But finally as they famous saying goes वेदा: वै अनन्त:, Vedas are infinite in subjects and given to wide range of interpretations.